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cheaplikes.co.uk is a social media marketing firm that helps customers get Facebook likes, youtube likes, Instagram likes, and pinterest likes.

cheaplikes.co.uk has a great reputation with excellent overall reviews

What’s not so good?

Many other companies offer free targeting, and their US Facebook likes packages are more expensive compared to the going rate.

What’s good about cheaplikes.co.uk

They offer a larger than average number of packages and services. Additionally, they offer the largest packages of all of the companies listed which might things easier for some people.

4 Customer Reviews of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Amellia  December 12, 2013

The entire process was swift and easy. I made my payment, got my confirmation, and gained more fans exactly as they said I would. Nothing more or less.

Huhert J January 2, 2014

Based on what I'd heard about some of the more scammy Facebook likes providers I wasn't expecting all that much. I was surprised, but I actually got all the likes that they said I would and then some. Lost a couple dozen though, no major biggie.

Jessicca R. January 6, 2014

My dollars were well spent with Boost likes. I got the fans I wanted and most of them were from the US. That's quite a difference from the other services I've tried. I will be testing them out with a few different brands through my agency, but I'm comfortable using them again.
Biegut K January 19, 2014

I had a very good experience with them. Even though they cautioned that my order would take over a week to get shipped, I got all of my likes in a few days days. I'd most likely try them again even though I don't really need that kind of fast growth and most of the likes were obviously fake...just need some once in a while